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what is the addressable market for enterprise smartphone users in the verticals we serve? how would my customers rank the usability of my solution relative to my competitors's offering? what is the industry attach rate of professional services and support, per software license sold? which enablement tools and incentives are effective for selling my company's hardware portfolio via the channel? how would my customers rank the usability of my solution relative to my competitors' offerings?
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Market Intelligence

Understand opportunities, business metrics and dynamics to penetrate new markets or increase overall presence.


Channel Intelligence

Understand partner management practices and incentives that drive revenue and ensure loyalty.


Product Intelligence

Determine features and functionalities customers and prospects demand and evaluate overall product competitiveness.


Customer Intelligence

Expose compelling use-cases to illustrate your products’ or services’ ROI and customer success stories.


Primary Research & Market Intelligence Services:

At some point every company is confronted by a decision that will change the course of its business strategy.  Customized market intelligence and primary research address the highly individual and uniquely complex business challenges syndicated research cannot explain.

Since 2001, Technology Coast Consulting has provided primary research services for mid-to-large technology organizations.  We research and assess the external environment that impacts our clients’ businesses: markets, channels, products, customers and competitors.  We translate the collected intelligence into actionable information to help our clients increase revenues, profits, market share or customer satisfaction.  Simply stated, we uncover the answers to help our clients make intelligent business decisions.

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